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Welcome to Variety Momo Resturant & Cafe, a culinary haven that brings the vibrant flavors of Nepal to your plate. Nestled in the heart of Bur Dubai, Dubai , our restaurant is a celebration of Nepali culture, hospitality, and, most importantly, exquisite gastronomy.At Variety Momo Resturant & Cafe , we take pride in offering an authentic Nepali dining experience that transcends the boundaries of taste and tradition. Our culinary journey begins with a deep-rooted respect for the rich heritage of Nepali cuisine, where every dish tells a story of tradition, family, and community.

Special Dish


We offer you different varities of special and delicious flavour of momo that is lucious.

15 min

Thakali Khana Set

Taste the different with Thakali Khana Set which is one of famed and delicious  cuisine in Nepali culture.

15 min

Nepali Dhido 

Savour your taste buds with Nepali authentic dish which is muoth watering and sense of cultural experience.

15 min

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Our special Dish

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Why Variety Momo Resturant?

  • Offer you different varities of dishes.
  • Swift delivery.
  • Economical and afforadable types of dishes.
  • Can enjoy your dishes in favourable and familier environment.

     Order Nepali Taste in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the prominent hub for business where almost different country people are setelling here. So, to fulfill your different taste desire we offer you varities of cuisine which have authentic taste of Nepali indigrents and demonostrate Nepali pure culture.  

Everything From Scratch

Variety momo indigrents are locally scratch which are healthy and that doesn’t have any complication your healthy life.To be healthier and fit you can enjoy our dishes without any hesitation.

Feel authentic  taste of Nepal in your every bite.

Sense difference bite in each and every dishes  that is marvellous  and bona fide.

 “ Variety momo have really offers  one of the best falvourable taste of dishesh. Every people of world have to taste and experience differences in their taste buds”

    “ I haven’t experience such quality taste provided by Variety momo before. It have pure and authentic taste of Nepalese culture. I suggest you to visit here.”

    “Such a lovely and peaceful enviornment. Dishes offer here are affordable and healthier. So, enjoy your taste here in variety  ”


Meet Your Teams

Raj Kumar| Chairman

Aashish | Chairman

Jiban |Head Chef

Let’s enjoy Nepali Dish in Dubai!